Jul 302013

So, we know things have been a bit quiet lately, but we’ve been hard at work on a number of projects that will hopefully see the light of day this fall.

To begin with: beta 0.9.0! Beta 0.9.0 brings two new recipes/labels/logos along with a number of tweaks to existing recipes. It also marks a shift from Emperial Brewing being primarily an online project no one cares about (no seriously, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re friends of ours in real life) to being a more traditional homebrew club. We’re not entirely sure how that’s going to work, but suffice to say we’ll be putting some feelers out in the local Denver community and possibly online through the AHA. More news on that when we’re not insanely busy with real life.

In addition to beta 0.9.0, we’re working on a couple write-ups of some builds we’ve done that people might find interesting. To start, we have a fairly simple mini-fridge lagering chamber (nothing quite like not having to use a temperature controller), a full on coffin keezer/kegerator design using the GE 7.0 cu ft freezer we posted a while back, and an STC-1000 build using templates to cut “pretty” holes instead of the often jagged or skewed holes that result from free-hand cuts. If this last project doesn’t sound that exciting to you, you’re not as anal as we are. Congrats. We’re still going to post it, because we’re anal—but you could probably tell that from the recipes/packaging etc.

Emperial Brewing is also going to make an “appearance” at the Denver County Fair this coming weekend. We’ve entered a Cider (“Apple Sauce”—this would be a third non-beer recipe we’ll be adding), India Ink, and a new Pale Ale recipe we are calling “Admiral” into their “Liquid Libations” competition. I suppose we’ll find out how we stack up to some of the other brewers here in Denver. We hope to report back that we’re awesome, but word around town is that the competition is pretty fierce.


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