7 cu ft Chest Freezer for $168 Shipped

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Jun 222012

This sort of thing is not going to be all that common of an occurrence, but a user on reddit (M0j0j0j0) pointed out a deal that might be relevant to individuals wishing to contribute to Emperial Brewing. Home Depot is currently selling a 7 cu ft Chest Freezer made by GE for $168 plus tax with free shipping. Please go here to read more about the deal.

Coupled with a temperature controller, it’d make a great fermentation chamber. We have it on good authority it will hold two carboys—or at least two better bottles. While it is not necessary for individuals wanting to contribute to Emperial Brewing to have full control of fermentation temperatures, it is most definitely a plus, and a highly recommended upgrade to any brewhouse.

For those who already have accurate temperature control, depending on the size of the kegs, it can fit 4 ball-lock kegs and a CO2 tank without a collar (and potentially 5 kegs with a collar), which makes it a great option for a kegerator as well.

It is unlikely a 7 cu ft freezer can be had new for much less than the one listed in the deal, so if you’ve been putting off getting one because craigslist hasn’t been panning out, and you don’t want to pay full price, this is definitely a viable option.

Emperial Brewing is in no way affiliated with Home Depot, or GE, and nor do we benefit from individuals purchasing the freezer—other than the warm-fuzzies of helping others pay less than retail price. We just thought we’d pass along the info.