Long Time No See…

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Jul 302013

So, we know things have been a bit quiet lately, but we’ve been hard at work on a number of projects that will hopefully see the light of day this fall.

To begin with: beta 0.9.0! Beta 0.9.0 brings two new recipes/labels/logos along with a number of tweaks to existing recipes. It also marks a shift from Emperial Brewing being primarily an online project no one cares about (no seriously, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re friends of ours in real life) to being a more traditional homebrew club. We’re not entirely sure how that’s going to work, but suffice to say we’ll be putting some feelers out in the local Denver community and possibly online through the AHA. More news on that when we’re not insanely busy with real life.

In addition to beta 0.9.0, we’re working on a couple write-ups of some builds we’ve done that people might find interesting. To start, we have a fairly simple mini-fridge lagering chamber (nothing quite like not having to use a temperature controller), a full on coffin keezer/kegerator design using the GE 7.0 cu ft freezer we posted a while back, and an STC-1000 build using templates to cut “pretty” holes instead of the often jagged or skewed holes that result from free-hand cuts. If this last project doesn’t sound that exciting to you, you’re not as anal as we are. Congrats. We’re still going to post it, because we’re anal—but you could probably tell that from the recipes/packaging etc.

Emperial Brewing is also going to make an “appearance” at the Denver County Fair this coming weekend. We’ve entered a Cider (“Apple Sauce”—this would be a third non-beer recipe we’ll be adding), India Ink, and a new Pale Ale recipe we are calling “Admiral” into their “Liquid Libations” competition. I suppose we’ll find out how we stack up to some of the other brewers here in Denver. We hope to report back that we’re awesome, but word around town is that the competition is pretty fierce.


Avery Releases Homebrew Recipes

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Aug 112012

Those of you not constantly hitting refresh on reddit’s /r/homebrewing may have missed some great news from Avery Brewing out of Boulder, CO. In short, they’ve gone and fulfilled nearly every homebrewer’s dream by releasing full all-grain homebrew recipes for 14 of their beers. Depending on your tastes, Avery’s beers may not be at the top of your list of all-time favorite brews, but this sort of thing is part of what Emperial Brewing is all about: openness. A number of other breweries do this sort of thing already (to varying degrees), but we’d be lying if we said each new brewery on board with openness of this sort doesn’t warm the cockles of our hearts.

So, hooray for Avery! Every brewery who does this strengthens the homebrewing community, and we’re glad to see a brewery as accomplished as Avery decide thats something they want to do.

Now, go brew up some Maharaja. Maybe you could do a blind taste-test and compare it to Feature Length? Either way, it will be awesome.

Veintiuno Is Born!

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Jun 232012

What is Veintiuno? Well, we mentioned it a couple weeks ago as a “test-batch.” Now that it’s all carbonated and tasted, we are confident in its ability to stand with the other Emperial Brewing beers as a summer seasonal—though we won’t complain if you brew it year-round either. As far as style goes, Veintiuno is a an American Amber Vienna Lager inspired by, you guessed it, macro mexican lagers. Unlike its inspiration, it relies entirely on malted barley, and brings the unique taste of vienna malt to the fore—no corn sugars allowed. Why “Veintiuno?” Aside from acknowledging its roots, “Veintiuno” can be taken as a reference to the United State’s 21st Amendment (that repealed prohibition). In that sense, its drinkability and low alcohol content make it an ideal option for those wanting to imbibe responsibly. Temperance need not be abstinence—especially when it’s delicious.

Depending on further testing, the beer will have packaging and official recipes added to the repository/this site. Until then, the initial recipe is as follows:

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Get on the Git Bandwagon

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Jun 072012

So, we just said that we were abandoning Trac due to its somewhat cumbersome nature for a project like this. This is still the case. However, rather than relying solely on the forums, we’ve decided to start up a Git repository for Emperial Brewing. The forums will still be the first place to bring up potential changes and ideas (so that they can be discussed), but following that, you can submit changes/issues to the issue tracker. Major issues will still be brought to the community for voting, but smaller issues that don’t deal with aesthetics, and more with actual problems, will be incorporated directly into the project.

This move also allows those of you who are a little more tech-savvy to set up your own Git account and fork the project to make your own variations on recipes and maintain them yourself. So long, that is, as you stay within the constraints of the license that the project is provided under. These forks can then be brought back into the project at a later date if so desired.

Information will be updated across the site shortly.

The End of Trac and The Beginning of Progress

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Jun 062012

Some of you who checked in over the last few days may have seen our attempt at a Trac installation for managing the Emperial Brewing project. You also may have noticed that despite our lofty ambitions, Trac just won’t work the way we want it to. There’s a number of reasons for this, but they all boil down to this: while Emperial Brewing was inspired by the open software movement, it is not software, and the way you manage software projects is not the way you manage distributed brewing projects. So, while it pains us to let go, we have moved on from Trac to using the forums. If anyone has other ideas, we’d love to hear them, but after weighing our options, we believe the forums will be our best bet for ease of use and discussion. A bit disorganized, yes, but ultimately more in line with our goals.

The forums will allow us to discuss possible changes, and assuming the changes make sense with the descriptions we have set out, we can then vote on them. If the changes are voted through, they will be incorporated into the project. It’s democracy in action, folks. But this time, instead of corruption, the end result is beer.

If you have questions or concerns, hit us up in the forums. They still have that new forum smell. You know the one.

Everything Old is New Again!

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Jun 042012

In the interest of making this website match the general spirit of the packaging of Emperial Brewing’s beers, the website has received a fresh coat of paint. In addition, some junk has been dislodged to make way for prettier things. Those prettier things are in the works (read: future)—as is our project management system. We’re currenlty weighing trac, and its somewhat cumbersome aspects for a project like this, and something simpler but likely less organized.

…If only there was a web app for collaborative beer recipe creation. But then, what would the point of this website be? Awesomeness. Awesomeness would be the point.

Stay tuned.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Brewery

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Apr 112012

Descriptions (which double as design documents) of every beer included in the initial line of Emperial Brewing beers (Pre-Release 0.8.0) are up on the Our Beers page. Soon, each beer’s icon will link to a separate page with the recipe and packaging materials of each beer. Once that happens, we will focus on building guidelines for submitting recipe/packaging revisions, and get trac (our tracker) set up for use.


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Mar 262012

While we are nowhere near finished, Emperial Brewing is proud to announce that basic descriptions of a few of Emperial Brewing’s beers (meant to serve as initial design guides) have been posted on the “Our Beers” page which you can find here. More beers will be added soon, as will links to pages devoted to each individual recipe and their packaging, but for now please peruse the information available.


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Mar 182012

Welcome to the brand new Emperial Brewing website. There’s not much to see at the moment, but we hope you take a look at our about page, and check back in the coming weeks as we get ourselves situated in our new space. We still have to figure out where the bookcases are going to go, and what color to paint the walls, but we hope over the next few weeks to create a home suitable for an open, community-based brewery.

Stick with us.