Sep 302012

If you’ve never heard of RaspberryPi before, it’s a micro computer—about the size of credit card—that is intended to be used as an educational tool for teaching kids (and interested adults!) how to program. It’s also seeing use in a variety of applications in which a computer of some sort might be beneficial, but a beefy full-size machine isn’t necessarily warranted. One of these projects is BrewPi (we think it ought to be called BrewberryPi—but c’est la vie).

BrewPi is an open source fridge automation project for use in temperature controlling fermentation or  kegerators (keezers). Some of you more advanced electronics DIYers ought to check it out. It has all the good qualities of an open source project, and it helps you brew your beer.

We here at Emperial Brewing can’t wait to see what develops now that BrewPi is available.

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