Aug 112012

Those of you not constantly hitting refresh on reddit’s /r/homebrewing may have missed some great news from Avery Brewing out of Boulder, CO. In short, they’ve gone and fulfilled nearly every homebrewer’s dream by releasing full all-grain homebrew recipes for 14 of their beers. Depending on your tastes, Avery’s beers may not be at the top of your list of all-time favorite brews, but this sort of thing is part of what Emperial Brewing is all about: openness. A number of other breweries do this sort of thing already (to varying degrees), but we’d be lying if we said each new brewery on board with openness of this sort doesn’t warm the cockles of our hearts.

So, hooray for Avery! Every brewery who does this strengthens the homebrewing community, and we’re glad to see a brewery as accomplished as Avery decide thats something they want to do.

Now, go brew up some Maharaja. Maybe you could do a blind taste-test and compare it to Feature Length? Either way, it will be awesome.

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