Frequently Asked Questions


For all those things you’re just dying to know about Emperial Brewing, but can’t find on the site, here are some questions we expect to hear:

Do you know you spelled “Imperial” wrong in the name of the brewery?

Yes. It was done on purpose. See the penguin up there? What kind of penguin do you think that is?* Also, we’re secretly pretentious and enjoy having to answer this question.

How can I contribute?

First, congratulations on being awesome. Keep that up.

There are many ways to contribute: sharing knowledge, ideas, criticisms etc. However, the best way to contribute is to brew one of Emperial Brewing’s beers and drink it with your friends.

Of course, we always love to hear your thoughts: Is a beer too hoppy? Not hoppy enough? Does it need a bit more of a particular ingredient? Assuming your assessment does not tie back to a fault in the brewing process, you could be on to something and chances are someone out there agrees with you. From there, we look at modifying the recipe for future versions, and you get to take pride in helping to make a better beer. We’re also toying with the idea of including the names of contributors in the packaging materials—but label real-estate is scarce. For more information, see the “Contributing” page.

What do you get out of this?

The joy of bringing together like-minded individuals to create beer together. Also, it gives us something to do to help prevent spending every waking moment on reddit.

Why is the project starting at “Pre-Release 0.8.0” instead of starting with a fresh versioning scheme?

Most of these recipes have been in the works for a couple years already—some even started as extract recipes back when our founder was but a wee little apartment brewer (he is now but a wee little patio brewer). So, the versioning reflects the fact that these beers have undergone a decent amount of “development” up until this point. They are by no means perfect (hence “0.8.0”), and even then, the project is not necessarily fully realized (thus “Pre-Release”). If it still bugs you a lot, imagine that it’s actually The numbers don’t mean all that much anyway.

Why does every all-grain recipe list the mash temperature as 151° F? Shouldn’t there be variation based on style?

This is an issue of isolating variables. Mash temperatures contribute to a number of characteristics in beer, but can be hard for many homebrewers to maintain consistently. So, the recipes are all formulated to mash at 151° F for ease of brewing, and repeatability. In order to compensate for this, the recipes use carapils to help increase body where necessary. If you feel strongly about this, bring it up on the subreddit. We’re not afraid of change—only empty glasses.

Why aren’t there fermentation duration and cold-crashing directions included with the recipes?

This is something we’d like to add, and initial fermentation temps are provided, but this is one of those things we can all contribute to creating. Defined fermentation schedules for each beer is a goal for version 0.8.0 of the recipes. Up until this point a few defaults have been followed: one month long primaries, indefinite secondaries, and for the lagers, at least a month of 36° lagering.

*Hint: it’s not a King or Royal penguin, but it does wield despotic power. Sweet, sweet, despotic power.